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Amura is a Polynesian word meaning ‘big smile’.  Being present, taking time to play and enjoy the beautiful art we call Earth. A Canadian company based in Guelph Ontario, Amura Matcha, offers a beautiful collection of artisan made matcha and fine artisanal matcha sets for a big smile you & big smile planet. 

Discover why for centuries Zen Buddhist monks have used matcha before meditation to enhance focus, endurance, and inspiration. You too can incorporate matcha before your own daily activities. We recommend a cup before any creative activity that you need an extra inspiration boost! 

A matcha that makes you want to dance! Amura Matcha is an artisan made Japanese matcha. Our ceremonial and culinary matcha are sourced in small batches multiple times a year to ensure the taste you have the pleasure of experiencing is always fresh and smooth as most matcha you buy in stores can sit on the shelf for up to 2 years. Our chawans are made in Canada by local potters ensuring a beautiful, unique, and long-lasting tea bowl. We specialize in artisan made matcha sets that make beautiful gifts!

As of August 2017 we are introducing Amura Matcha Sessions, a loyalty program in which you receive 1 FREE Amura matcha when you buy 10 Amura matcha items. Click here to learn more.

Discover more about the benefits of matcha and our artisan made matcha offerings.



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