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Matcha & Meditation

July 20, 2017

Matcha & Meditation

Combining matcha & meditation has been a ritual for thousands of years by Zen Buddhist monks in Japan.  This combination allows you to be fully present and awake while meditating.

While preparing matcha (ceremonial grade is recommended), try to be conscious and present. Be aware of your thoughts as the energy you have will affect the taste of the matcha. This is why on our Amura Matcha labels directions include Prepare with Love!

Add matcha into your favourite bowl – we like to use hand made chawans as you can feel and appreciate the creative energy and love put into the making of the bowl by the artist.

Mix the matcha with a natural fiber spoon such as bamboo.

Light your favourite incense and/or candle (Sage is highly recommended for its earthy smell and energy clearing properties).

A recommended meditation for Re-energizing if you are feeling ‘drained’;

Recharging Battery Meditation

  • Sit in a comfortable position so your spine is erect, or lie down. For seated positions, I recommend doing some yoga beforehand to loosen up and strengthen the spine.
  • Draw your bottom shoulder blades towards each other to open your chest.
  • Take deep breaths through the nose. Count the breath 10-15 counts.
  • Bring awareness to the spine. Imagine it as a hollow tube.
  • Feel light energy come into the crown through the spine and feel your sit bones anchor to the floor (if sitting) or feel the energy move out the feet if lying down.
  • Press the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb (the mudra for connecting to universal/god consciousness).
  • Imagine that this light is energizing you like a battery, with peace, love and harmony!  Zen out....

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