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The Yoga Matcha Connection

May 20, 2019

The Yoga Matcha Connection


I have been practising yoga for over 10 years and just recently came across matcha and started realising the extraordinary benefits of combining these two powers.

Yoga & Matcha go hand in hand – like two long lost lovers reunited.

With both, we surrender to the moment and get into a frame of mind conducive to realising our creative potential.

After yoga I feel all thoughts and form melt away. All is left is the sense of deep inner peace and divine energy permeating my being. With a good matcha I feel myself transported into the tea fields in Japan, smelling the fresh dew-covered green tea leaves.

Though not any matcha will do- like how people get obsessed with fine wine is the same for matcha. Everything about the soil, cultivation, processing, state of mind matters. There is pride and love that is put into the growing process and you can taste it.

Yoga & Matcha give you that positive feel good high as they both promote Gaba production.

L-theanine, an antioxidant that is 5 times more prevalent in matcha than other teas, helps promote GABA production. GABA is the main inhibitory neuro-transmitter in our nervous system. It helps alleviate anxiety and depression while also helping increase our ability to focus in a calm, relaxed state.  Studies have shown that yoga also helps produce GABA and leave you in a similar relaxed & focused state as drinking matcha. Yogis use the asana practice to help prepare their body, mind & spirit for meditation. Similarly Zen Buddhist monks would drink match before meditation for the same reason!

Experiment drinking matcha before or after a class and notice its effect. Experiment with drinking hot or cold. I personally love a cold cup of matcha after a class for its refreshing, fresh taste and it just makes me feel good- Knowing that my body is a temple and I am replenishing it with a tea packed with nutrients. Like offering a gift to the gods.

Just be sure to choose a high quality matcha. What is sold in many cafes are high calorie swamp-style matcha laced with sugar to hide the low quality bitter taste. A high quality matcha has a sweet fresh taste and smell. I drink Amura Matcha. Their matcha not only tastes great, the company is conscious about the environment with 1% proceeds going towards eco-charitable projects.

So try combining yoga & matcha and I would love to hear your feedback. I believe the synergistic effects can work wonders on our global consciousness.



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