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FRESH. GREEN. ALIVE.  Discover Amura Matcha - A matcha that makes you want to dance!

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. Commonly referred to as a superfood, matcha is the titan of tea. 

Unlike teabags or loose leaf tea, matcha comes in powdered form, therefore no steeping is required. The extraordinary benefits associated with matcha are found in the way it is consumed. Most regular tea you steep and remove the leaves before drinking, thereby losing out on most of the health benefits of that tea. Whereas matcha green tea powder is mixed in directly with the hot water, allowing you to absorb all the health benefits of matcha.

Matcha is a specially grown and processed green tea. It is shade grown, with the veins and stems removed during processing. It is processed into a powder so when drinking, you receive the full nutritional benefits from the leaf!

Amura Matcha comes from the Uji mountain region of Kyoto Japan, where the shade grown process of Matcha that we know today, began in the 16th century. Uji is renowned as the birthplace of Matcha and harbours ideal growing conditions (nutrient rich soil, misty climate, warm days & cool nights, hilly terrain)

Zen buddhist monks have known of the health benefits of Matcha for centuries and drank this tea before meditation to enhance focus for prolonged periods of time. As well, samurai warriors were known to drink matcha before combat to boost endurance and stamina. 

Amura Naturals ceremonial matcha comes from carefully-selected young green tea leaves that are finely ground resulting in a vibrant emerald green colour and a smooth and creamy taste and texture (lower grade matchas can be grainy in texture, brownish in colour and bitter). The smoother the taste and brighter the green, the better the quality of matcha.  Our culinary everyday matcha has a rich earthy green colour and slighty astringent taste - perfect for making lattes and refreshing cold tea drinks! Our artisan ceremonial and culinary matcha is sourced in small batches multiple times a year to ensure the taste is always fresh and smooth as most matcha you buy in stores can sit on the shelf for up to 2 years. 

Matcha Benefits:
* Get your creativity flowing as Matcha increases alpha brain wave activity, similar to being in a fully focused hypnotic or meditative state. It's no wonder Buddhist monks welcomed matcha as part of their daily rituals centuries ago. You too can incorporate matcha before your own daily activities. We recommend a cup before any creative activity that you need an extra inspiration boost! Try it and you will see what we mean!
* Boosts energy & stamina
* Detoxifies & increases metabolism
* Liquid meditation; Calms the mind and improves focus and concentration
* Great Coffee substitute - Slow caffeine release allows for sustained energy without the anxiety jitters and energy crashes. Experience a sustained calm alertness.
* L-theanine is known to produce serotonin and dopamine which makes you feel good, relaxed and improves focus & memory. There is 5 times more L theanine in matcha than other teas.
* Matcha is considered a ‘superfood’ as it is loaded with antioxidants including L-theanine, EGCg, catechins and chlorophyll. EGCg is recognized for its cancer-fighting and anti-aging properties.
* As matcha is shade-grown, the chlorophyll content is higher than regular green tea. Chlorophyll is detoxifying as well as helps to control weight with studies suggesting that chlorophyll can help suppress hunger & food cravings.

Matcha Recipes