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About Us

Amura is a Polynesian word meaning ‘big smile’.  Being present, taking time to play and enjoy the beautiful art we call Earth.

We offer premium quality Japanese matcha from a family run tea farm in Uji, Japan (the birthplace of matcha), as well as hand crafted Canadian artist made chawan bowls, and tea-related gift sets. Our ceremonial and everyday culinary matcha are sourced in small batches multiple times a year to ensure the taste you experience is always fresh and smooth. Did you know that most matcha you buy in stores can sit on the shelf for up to 2 years?

We believe in sustainability and that every little positive step can make a bigger difference in the world.

At least 1% of sales proceeds are given back to environmental conservation and other positive social impact causes such as rainforest conservation and local beach cleanups and grassroots efforts.

Let us all be agents of peace and beauty in this world!