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Matcha Recipes

Iced Matcha Latte                                     

1/2 tsp Matcha
1 cup Milk (cow, almond, rice, soy)                                                                      
Sweetener & spices to taste
Ice cubes

Add 1/2 tsp Matcha to 2 oz hot water to form a paste.
Add paste to a glass
Add milk
Add ice cubes, sweetener (agave,honey,stevia)
Frothed milk to top, spices to taste


 Hot Matcha Latte

This is a delicious matcha latte recipe. You may make substitutions to taste.

                       1/2 tsp culinary everyday matcha 
                       1/2 cup hot water
                       add milk (I love vanilla non-sweetened almond milk)
                       add about 2 tablespoons heavy cream or full fat coconut milk
                       mix well and enjoy!