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Canadian Artisan Handmade Chawan Tea Bowl & Ceremonial Japanese Matcha - Various Chawan Design Options

A beautiful pairing of an amazing artisanal ceremonial matcha green tea from the Uji mountain region of Japan with a Canadian artisan made chawan tea bowl. The tea bowls are dishwasher safe, however, we recommend washing by hand to ensure you get years of enjoyment from your chawan. Please do not microwave.

The tea bowls are approximately 4  inches wide by 4  inches high. As the chawans are handmade, slight variations in size and colour may exist despite the same glaze design being used.

40 grams of Pure Premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha. Comes in a reusable tin. Makes up to 60 servings.

A matcha that makes you want to dance! Amura Matcha is an artisan made Japanese matcha fresh from a family tea farm from the renowned Uji mountain region of Japan, the birthplace of Matcha. Our ceremonial matcha is sourced in small batches multiple times a year to ensure the taste you have the pleasure of experiencing is always fresh and smooth as most matcha you buy in stores can sit on the shelf for up to 2 years.

Vibrant emerald green, with a beautiful smooth flavor and gentle fresh sweet taste.

Relax and enjoy a cup of this exquisite matcha and let your inspiration flow!

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We believe in sustainability and in products that are good for you & the planet. At least 1% of  proceeds goes towards eco-conservation.

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