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Amura Premium Japanese Matcha Culinary Grade - 100 grams ~ Out of Stock

A true green tea taste. Use in smoothies for a morning pick me up or pre-workout boost. Also makes a great matcha latte!

100 grams of Pure Premium Culinary Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder - Makes up to 150 servings!

An artisanal matcha sourced from a family tea farm in Japan. Pure matcha without any additives. Makes a perfect matcha latte or is refreshing on ice. Add some honey or agave syrup to sweeten. Rich, earthy green colour. Taste  is rich, smooth, and balanced.

Our matcha is sourced in small batches multiple times a year to ensure the taste you experience is always fresh and smooth as most matcha you buy in stores can sit on the shelf for up to 2 years. 

This matcha is an amazing superfood addition to smoothies and healthy snacks. Power boost your workouts and creative activities! It also makes a great facial mask mixed with some raw honey.

We apologize as our Culinary matcha is currently not in stock. However, we do have a new fresh Amura Organic House Matcha blend that we think you will love!

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